Happy Child Foundation Ltd

The Happy Child Foundation (HCF) is a registered Zambian non-profit organisation aimed at providing the Zambian child with important life skills through sport and play. The Foundation is registered as a Charity (company limited by guarantee) under the Companies Act Cap 388 of the Laws of Zambia. 

The Happy Child Foundation believes that building future viable, strong and prosperous communities depends on the kind of interventions given to today’s children.

Therefore, HCF believes in the power of sport and play as vital avenues through which today’s child can have their future well prepared. We believe that through sport and play, the child’s physical and mental body systems can be built and strengthened. 

We also believe that it is through sport and play that the child can learn survival skills and more importantly how to interact with society and develop important skills necessary for that child to be an important player in that society’s development.


By using the attracting and interactive power of sport and play, Happy Child Foundation, will bring together children, many of whom come from disadvantaged homes and communities, to a central and safe place where they can be imparted with valuable life skills such as team work, problem solving, tolerance, resilience, leadership qualities and good neighbourliness, while playing and having fun during sport and play.

Our Vision

Our vision is “Every child equipped with basic life skills necessary for their survival and success”.


Our Mission

Our mission is to teach the child important basic life skills necessary for their success in life through quality sport and play



HCF has the following objectives:

  1. Equip the Child with important basic life skills necessary for their survival and success in life
  2. Promote children’s sport and play in Zambia
  3. Advocacy and Research in child friendly environments and laws
  4. Build or manage safe playfields and parks for children and their families to play
  5. Raise funds for sporting programmes aimed at holistic child development 
  6. Sponsor sport child programmes in schools, communities, especially those aimed at children from disadvantaged communities

Work Strands 

The Happy Child Foundation will work in three specific work strands:

  1. Child Education – teaching the child important basic life skills 
  2. Child Health – promoting child health through its programming
  3. Child Sport – providing avenues through which the child can participate and enjoy in children’s sporting and play activities
Project Areas & Partnerships

The Happy Child Foundation is targeting to work with children from disadvantaged homes and communities, especially those that live in rural and semi-urban areas.

It is these children that have been left out in the health message campaigns and who are now at the receiving end of a) the spread of HIV b) high poverty levels and c) poor educational facilities.

For that reason, HCF will partner with rural-based organisations working with children in health, education or sport and play. 

It is hoped that the child passing through our project activities will be a well equipped child with necessary life skills for their future survival.

It also hoped that the rural based NGOs working with HCF will be given enough support and synergies to expand and sustain their programmes.

HCF Values
  1. Happy Child – our programming will have the aim of making a child happy. They will be packaged in such a way that the child has fun while participating in them
  2. Child Friendly – our programming will be friendly to the child and its needs
  3. Safe Child – the environment our programme activities will be undertaken will be safe and secure for the child and the other participants
  4. Honesty and integrity – we shall endeavour to deal with the partners, parents and community with the utmost honesty 
  5. Accountability – we shall be accountable to our donors, supporters, parents, government and the communities we work in.  
  6. Hard work – we shall endeavour to do a proper job to the best of our ability.