Specialised media training / Media Awards

Mthoniswa Banda Consultancy is your trusted partner for cutting-edge Specialized Media Training and Media Awards services in Zambia. Our dedicated offerings are designed to empower media professionals and journalists with the skills they need while also recognizing exceptional journalistic works through awards. With an experienced team and a proven track record, we offer a comprehensive range of services to elevate your media initiatives.. Our services include

  • Training conceptualisation
  • Preparation of training manuals/modules
  • Presentation of training slides
  • Identification of training or theme experts
  • Identification of trainees /attendees
  • Event/Workshop planning
  • Facilitate workshops and meetings to meet set objectives.
  • Report writing
  • Under take media monitoring and evaluation
  • Identification and selection of journalistic pieces that deserve promotion and awards.
  • Identification of specialised reporters/writers for special training or partnership
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