Our Team

Mthoniswa Banda Consultancy Ltd is led by a multi-talented and multi-skilled professional team who continually address the ever-changing challenges of the communications, media and public relations world.

Below is the team:

1. Team Leader Elias M. Banda

  • Trained in Mass Communication and Economics, Mr. Banda has over 15 years’ experience working in fast paced donor funded development programmes.
  • He has managed international and multi-country projects funded by various donor agents from UK, EU, USA, Canada, and others.
  • He has set up and run public relations department of several organisation based in Zambia
  • He worked as a journalists and writer for several media outlets both local and international
  • He has trained media houses and journalists to specialise in new areas of reporting and has helped introduce ICTs and new technology into modernising the media and their communities.
  • He has helped set up new community media houses in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, DRC and other countries of the SADC.
  • He has trained community media journalists to practice specialised community journalism in the areas their community radio stations operate.
  • He is an expert in specialised relations, media relations, publicity, advertising, donor/client relations management, issues and crisis management among others.
  • As a trainer, he has trained communities and partners in gender mainstreaming, disability rights, children’s rights, poverty alleviation, inclusive development among others

2. Other Team members

Mthoniswa Banda Consultancy Ltd has a pool of multi-skilled and multi-talented experts who are assembled per individual job or assignment to meets a clients’ or organisation’s expectations or needs.