Industrial Beetle /Zambia Tyre Recycling Project

About Industrial Beetle

The Industrial Beetle is a Zambian-owned and incorporated company dealing in industrial waste management and remedial activities including tyre shredding, pyrolysis and reclaiming of used rubber to produce secondary raw materials.

Other activities include environmental training in the handling and management of used tyres and rubber materials,


The project has offices in Solwezi and Lusaka with Solwezi being the main operational project area while Lusaka office will play a coordinating role with policy makers and project supporters.


Project Goal and Objectives

The goal of Industrial Beetle (IB) is to safely and environmentally dispose-off waste tyres from the Mines and other Industries.


Specific Objectives

The project will have the following objectives:

  • To provide at a profit, an innovative and environmentally friendly way of removing and recycling waste tyres from the Mines by building a sustainable industrial recycling business
  • To provide employment opportunities for the youths in the chiefdoms surrounding the Mines operational areas and build their capacity building to recycle tyres
  • To create awareness on recycling as party of value addition in the protection of the environment from mine or industrial pollution.

Indicators of Success

The following will be indicators of success:

  • Safely disposal in an environmentally friendly and accepted way of the many tonnes of waste tyres from the Mines
  • Increased employment opportunities to the youths and women from the chiefdoms in the Mines surrounding areas. There will be pressure taken off Mines to provide employment to surrounding chiefdoms
  • Increased number of youths and women employed at the Recycling plant in Solwezi and Lusaka. This will increase the revenue and income base of most families associated with the tyre recycling project
  • Increased knowledge and skills set in tyre recycling and environmental protection among the community members, youths and women. This increased awareness in safety and environment protection by the chiefdoms surrounding Mines will help make the work of Mines in protecting the environment easy.
  • Increased revenue to the youths of Solwezi and the treasury of Zambia through the export of shredded and recycled tyres to construction companies locally and abroad

Benefit to the Mines/Zambia

The Tyre Recycling Project will be of benefit to the mines and surrounding communities through the following:

  1. Clearing of large piles of waste tyres and other industrial waste in the mining areas
  2. Safe disposal waste tyres in the mining areas
  3. Capacity building of youths and communities in recycling services and environmental management
  4. Creation of alternative employment opportunities in support of the mine’s corporate social responsibility
  5. Creation of an alternative and environmentally friendly way of disposing waste tyres and industrial waste beside back filling.
Contact Details

The Project Manager, Tyre Recycling Project, Mr. Nyambe Machobani,

  • Mobile: +260 761670138, or

Team Leader Mr. Alick Mwanza,

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