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Kalata Means Letter


Kalata means letter


Project Goal

To provide platform for marginalised groups to be heard.


  1. Develop Kalata News Media as an open online media platform for rural poor and marginalised communities, especially women and children to access and exchange views.
  2. Develop an online platform whose news would be produced and decided by the marginalised groups, women and youths. This would be done by marginalised groups sending letters to the editor containing information and news for Kalata News Media to publish.

Strategic Change

Kalata News Media wants to change the way news is collected and media news propagated. Letters from readers will carry head line news and information. What is important to poor and marginalised will become important news to us.

How will KNM solve this problem?

The Kalata News Media Platform will solve the following problems in Zambia:

  1. Presence of online media platforms for the marginalised and minorities – No online media platforms for women, the poor – Kalata News Media Platform will provide an online media platform where the marginalised poor groups will have their issues highlighted and displayed in news story form for policy makers to read and act on them
  2. Access to Developmental Information by the Poor – No relevant development information for the poor and marginalised – the Kalata News Platform will develop key news content based on story ideas brought about by the very persons affected by the issues –  the poor, women and marginalised, through the news in the letters they write.
  3.   Safeguarding freedom of Information – Shrinking online media space for marginalised groups in Zambia – the online platform will promote sharing of information and informed debates on matters of importance to the marginalised groups.

How will KNM solve this problem?

  1. Provision of online media platform dedicated to marginalised groups, women and children -Providing an online media platform where marginalised groups get to interface with policy makers through the issues they present 
  2. Coverage of news and community issues as directed by the marginalised groups, women and children –  Providing coverage to news ideas provided by the very persons affected by the news or problems instead of journalists thinking on behalf of the,
  3. Agenda setting by the poor, women and children as compared to the elite –allowing the often marginalised groups to decide what makes news, what get discussed first as priority to them
  4. Increasing media literacy and awareness among the poor – training the women and marginalised how to make news and feed back into editorial content to influence coverage

Contact Details

Kalata News Media Editor, Mthoniswa Banda,